Himalayas Callenge V2

939x397 Darjeeling Sunrise

Trek Darjeeling

11 day trip / 6 days Himalayas trekking

Stunning trek through the Indian Himalayas ..

Take on this spectacular 11 day adventure through the Indian Himalayas. Climb up to the Singalila Ridge along strenuous trails to over 3600m. Our effort is well worth it, with views of the mighty snow-capped Kangchenjunga (8,586m) rising above us to the north and of Everest further in the distance.

Over our 6 days trek, we ascend high mountain ridges in Singalila National Park, through valleys with small rural villages. At night we camp underneath a blanket of stars, and enjoy some excellent food. At Sammanden, we experience sunrise over the highest mountains in the world, lighting up snowy peaks and valleys around us.

Features & highlights

  • Panoramic views of Kanchenjunga & Everest
  • Trek the stunning Tonglu Ridge, over 3600m
  • Ascend the height of Ben Nevis in one day
  • Visit colonial Darjeeling & tea plantations
  • Camp under the starry Himalayan night sky
  • Ride UNESCO World Heritage "toy train"
  • Explore the bustling city of Delhi

Group Challenge Experience

Our Group Challenges are accompanied by UK Leader who ensures that everything runs smoothly, from hotel check-ins to daily activities during the challenge. They are a great sociable experience - you will join a team of 15 - 25 people who are all like you! Sign up with friends & family or join on your own. With our Challenge App, you can get to know your team-mates before you depart. The Challenge is then capped off with a great celebration dinner, where you can all toast your success and have fun, with medals and certificates you can take home as a memento.

How hard is the challenge

This is a moderately challenging trek. You will trek for 8 hours per day on average, covering up to 17km over rolling hills & ridges. You will climb more than the height of Ben Nevis in one day in particular, and the climb of Sandakphu Ridge on Day 5 can be challenging. While this trek does not go to extreme altitude, you will spend some days over 3000m, so be prepared to feel some minor effects as a result of this. You will be supported by our Leader & Medic, with an excellent team of local crew assisting throughout.