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A Himalayan trek is a real challenge. Covering long distances, climbing to altitude, and spending many days away from the comforts of home. This is why many people chose to use their challenge to raise funds for a good cause.

Because our challenges are tough, and will require training & commitment to succeed, they have great fundraising potential.

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Who can I fundraise for?

We deal with hundreds of UK charities. So - more or less any UK Charity of your choice is available - and we would get in touch with them if they are new to our list. The fundraising process is generally linked to online donation pages such as JustGiving.

Overseas charities are also often OK - as long as the charity involved is happy with the details of the arrangements with us and you - and alternative donation mechanisms may be required as JustGiving etc generally cover UK charities .

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How does it work?

There are 3 ways that you can join one of our Himalayas Challenges - each one can be linked to fundraising for a charity of your choice. You select which one suits you - and confirm that on your registration form - along with details of the charity.

SELF-FUNDING - You pay the full cost of the Challenge - with an initial deposit at the time of registration - and the balance 10 weeks prior to departure. You can then fundraise for any charity if you wish - without any involvement from us, as there are no formal arrangements. Let the charity know - and fundraise whatever you can (no official 'target'). With this option - none of the sponsorship money can be used to pay for the trip costs.

MINIMUM SPONSORSHIP FOR CHARITY - the main agreed option in place with our charity partners. You pay an initial deposit when you sign-up. This model then covers the balance of the Challenge cost (which is the same as the 'Self-Funding' outlined above) by you fundraising at least an agreed 'minimum sponsorship' amount for the charity you choose - and then out of that fundraising the charity pays the balance of your Challenge cost to us - and the charity keeps the remainder for their fantastic work. Your minimum fundraising target will always be at least double the balance of the Challenge cost, meaning the charity will always keep at least half of what you raise as donation. 

MIXED FUNDING FOR CHARITY - this option is a mix of of the above 2. You pay half of the challenge cost, and fundraise double the remaining balance. The charity keeps at least half of what you raise, and pays for half the Challenge cost. You only need to pay the registration deposit when you sign up, and the balances are due 10 weeks prior to departure. 


Please note: for all options on our 'flights included' packages, you will also be invoiced for any airline fuel surcharges 12 weeks before departure. See the Fuel Surcharges page for more information.

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Fundraising support

Fundraising targets appear daunting - and indeed is part of the overall 'challenge'. The key for success is to start early - set out a plan of your fundraising ideas - and identify channels that are likely to work. The charity you choose will help you - and will support you with fundraising packs - including lists of their tips & ideas - and often with access to advisors to bounce things off. All of our Himalayas Challenges are tough, so make sure your friends, family & colleagues know this! You'll find that the target soon shrinks to become more than achievable, and that fundraising becomes very rewarding in itself!

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